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In this lecture, I go into current research on both motivational triggers and psychological needs in an easy and natural way

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

Team members struggle to feel motivated, processes become unfocussed and take unnecessary time, and you lack a common vision that everyone in the team understands and is motivated by.

The person you are supposed to work with does not see what you see or does not understand what you understand?

In your eyes, the need to prioritize is clear, but others want to prioritize something else that is less important.

My lecture will transform your leadership

In my lecture on how to succeed in not only leading people but leading through people, I offer both humor and seriousness, hands on tools and exciting approaches. I will open your eyes and make you see your everyday life in ways you have never seen it before.

I offer you a whole toolbox

I have helped many great people

Pernilla specialises in improving team performance by understanding individual strengths and fostering trust. Her unique methods contribute to long-term success and growth, for small teams to large companies. Investing in her expertise helps companies scale up effectively and improve their performance. There is a cost to NOT working with the best, invest in your people and fellow human beings, put your trust in Pernilla and watch your whole world grow.

Michael Giuliano

President & Chairman of the Board, ICONIQ, Ohio

"I now have a completely different understanding and a conscious language for completely new ways of meeting. Understanding is the word!"

Andreas Frisk

Andreas Frisk

CEO of Secor

“Pernilla is extremely knowledgeable and inspiring. She is an incredibly educational, warm and responsive person. By attending Pernilla's leadership development programme, I have gained new tools for my leadership that I find incredibly useful.”

Tina Björk

Tina Björk

Headteacher, Örebro

"Pernilla is true every minute which inspires me and makes me braver. My very best recommendations"

Kim Sandberg

Kim Sandberg

Head of Handels’ Unemployment insurance fund

Listen to a taster of the Meeting Culture Day in Stockholm in March 2024 (in Swedish)

Are you ready to transform your leadership and your team?

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Frequently asked questions before enquiry

Who is this lecture for?

From a general perspective, this lecture is ideal for those who want (and need) to understand themselves and others better. Then the content is directed towards personal leadership and interaction with other people in life.

From a professional leadership perspective, the content is aimed at those who have a leadership role and are part of a management team or other teams that in various ways lead others and

  • - have a real mandate to change
  • - have high ambitions to work both more effectively and achieve stronger impact
  • - want to get better at creating flow together
  • - want to get better at communicating in ways that kick-start motivation in each other and others
  • - want to get inspiration, power and concrete tools in their joint development work
How long does the lecture last?

The lecture lasts as long as you wish it to last, within the framework of 30 minutes to 2 hours (for longer runs, mini-breaks are included). During the lecture, there is interaction with the participants and time for questions during the lecture. If you want there to be time for questions even after the lecture, we set the framework together and create that time.

What do I need to prepare or bring to the lecture?

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to explore new perspectives on leadership. Materials and tools that may be needed during the lecture are provided.

Can I book a private session for my team?

Yes, private sessions for teams or management groups are often organised. These sessions are tailored to suit the specific needs and purpose of your team.

Is there any follow-up after the lecture?

For those interested, the possibility of follow-up sessions in the form of tutoring, coaching and/or mentoring is offered to ensure that the lessons learnt are implemented effectively and efficiently.